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The work Don did exponentially improved our output efficiencies by creating a one button process to generate all of our required output functions.
Don also took the time to explain as well as show me how he made it happen. For me, the value here was that I can now do some things on my own.

Mike Holzberg, Universal Medical Data
We LOVE the FileMaker Pro database that Don created for us.  The programs for clients and donors are fantastic.  Don listened to us and give us exactly what we wanted.  He continues to help us through process.  He is amazingly responsive to our questions and needs.

Tom Bartholomay – Evaluation and Research Specialist, University of Minnesota
What I like most about the solution is that I gave you a very difficult problem to solve.  Bring up to date from a very old fragile dying PC and very old FMP version up to a very new Mac and new FMP program, while keeping it all looking familiar to me, but working and navigating much better, losing no data in the process.  I think that sums it up.  I\’m still daunted by the whole thing.Thank you again for the magic.

 Joe Anna Arnett, Santa Fe Artist
Don was able to easily understand my needs even though they were complex and difficult for me to explain.  He knew how to create my database better than even I could come up with!  The turn-around was fast and the database is already paying for itself!